March 19, 2012

Alannah Hill Fall/Winter 2012: Bewitched in The Wonderland

Still in a very Aussie mood. Here's the Fall/Winter 2012 campaign for Alannah Hill that I found on the internet. Or saying it the Aussie way, Autumn/Winter 2012.

When I first stumbled across these pictures on the net, my instantaneous thought was Alice! These amazing shots really remind me of Alice in The Wonderland, mostly due to its dark ambience and the castle-like garden. Maybe not the Alice herself, but this campaign describes exactly what I picture a character in that story tale will come off. Overly voluminous ginger hair with exaggerated facial expression, slightly mad and extravagantly dressed witches.

"Each picture exudes a sort of make-believe, magic-esque charm which makes me want to don a fancy frock, bedecked with lace and bows and traipse around a forest," said a fashion forward blogger Pretty Romeo. I can't agree any further.

And by the way, I really adore this tri-coloured dress and her red stocking! Which one's your favourite?

Sourced from PrettyRomeo. Images courtesy of AlannahHill