March 17, 2012

Alannah Hill: Coquettishly Cute Australian

She was born in Tasmania, 1963, to a Catholic family living in a small coastal town of Penguin (such a cute name). The family earned an average income by selling old fashioned milk bar, pies and cream buns. "There were lots of mixed lollies, but not a sequin in sight," said Alannah.

She bravely announced to her family that she wanted to move to Melbourne, and left the town with only $30 cash and her mother's wedding ring. And her six suitcases full of costumes, of course. First job in the big city for her was a waitressing job at a cafe. Ms Hill loves to dress up. She really does. Her unique and ornamental appearance was something really apparent, and soon after, a boutique owner from across the street started to notice her. There goes her journey in the fashion industry.

15 years working in that boutique wasn't satisfying enough for her ambition. She had a capsule collection and designed her own quirky outfits. Then, in 1996, Alannah decided to establish her own line and founded her namesake womenswear fashion label, Alannah Hill, in Melbourne. She opened her first standalone boutique a year afterward, and the rest is history.

I really love her collection. It's femininely quirky and classic. It's pretty, and glamourous at the same time. I love how she incorporates so many bows in her pieces, as well as the tweeds and pastel shades. Hers is like a mature woman, proud and successful, who's not afraid to show her playful and girly sides to the world and just be true to her heart.

The pieces are peculiar, but in a good way. I remember entering the boutique many times to find out myself being so attracted at the multicoloured wool gloves and head pieces. So adorable! They're so flirtatiously cute.

Some of her frocks.

"I love girls.. I find them so powerful, sexy, and at the same time, vulnerable and paradoxical. I have true happiness when I see a girl dress up."

Too cute!! I love her. Do you?

Sourced from fashionreview, AlannahHill. Images from various sources.