March 30, 2012

My Green Day: The Last Friday Lunch

It's the last week for a Friday lunch at the SCBD area. I sadly have to bid my current job a goodbye, since I've realised there's another thing I want to pursue in life. And that involves partly passion, partly family responsibility, and a dash of comfort.

I've worked in AXA for slightly more than 2 months now. It's brief, but there are plenty that I've learnt from the company so far. Even more from my team. It's sad that I've only got to know them in such a short period of time. They are fun people. Really warm, really friendly, really welcoming to newcomers (like me).

What I love the most from my actuarial team is probably the attitudes of the seniors. Working there, you'll immediately feel the positive atmosphere that encourages you to grow. The managers (bosses) don't just order you around doing this and that without any apparent reason. They explain things. They teach. They don't ridiculously ask you to stay under their wings while being blindfolded and clueless of which direction you're going. And for this, I'm really grateful. I've heard so many rumours, mostly negative ones, about working condition in Jakarta. AXA proves it wrong.

H&M on The Luxury Line: Versace, Jimmy Choo, Marni, Next?

Hennes & Mauritz has worked together with several high-fashion designer labels like Versace and Marni. These collaborations proved to be very profitable for the company, and apparently, the fast fashion retailer is rumoured to work on establishing their very own luxury brand. The price, of course, will cater more bucks than the company's previous line.

Rumour is, Behnaz Aram is involved in the creative process. He used to design under Whyred, the Swedish women's RTW label, but was brought into this new H&M team in August 2011.

The company's still secretive about the news. When asked, the representative neither confirmed nor denied the report. "We are constantly looking at new ideas; it's a natural part of our work," said Charlotta Nemlin, the brand's spokeswoman.

March 28, 2012

Hermes Birkin vs A Laptop Sleeve: Which One?

Ever fancy a million dollar laptop sleeve? I can never imagine having a laptop cover that costs like hundred thousand times more than the original cost of the thing it's supposed to protect. This one is even way, way off. It's 11 million dollar. Yes, it costs 11 million in the same dollar that we all know. USD, not a Chinese or Indonesian dollar. 

The sleeve is covered with 8,800 round cut diamonds, each with their own certificate of origin. If you're afraid of the diamonds scratching the laptop, don't worry. The opening is protected with rare Siberian black sable fur which ensures a smooth insert that is scratch-free.

March 27, 2012

Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2012: Austin Power and Gender Swap

This season's collection is showered with mansuits and pants, in bold, extremely bold and eccentric pattern. The suits are purposely tailored to be oversized, paired together with freshly-ironed pants that are a bit too short. Remind me a lot of Austin Powers and the seventies. Classic and dandy.

Miuccia Prada is renowned for her obsession with pants and this runway clearly shows us how she does it. What I really love is the shirts, with its incredible pattern and eye-catching details of the tie accessories. The collars and the inside scarves are also exquisite. She's so brilliant to be able to combine these many layers and geometrical patterns and make them work.

March 26, 2012

February, As I Know It

I really apologise for not posting anything at all lately. These past few weeks have been such a busy week that I nearly flipped over maintaining work, family time, my emotional health and passion in blogging. I'm nowhere near mentally ill, believe me, but life occurrences in these recent weeks have just been too overwhelming!

First, I got a new church (yay!) that I've come to love so much. The people are extremely courteous and friendly, and being there for only few times already made me feel like being a part of the family! Thank you The Cause for your presence!

Of course, as active as I can be, I've jumped into one of the newly established ministry - The Social Media team. This too has been consuming my time and I find myself still trying hard to put my responsibilities in order. There are many challenges as members are still few and tasks mainly lay in the grey area. But I know that the team is still budding, and I'm very excited to see it grows!

Blogging and ministry is actually fine. I really enjoy my time doing both and I could still keep up with it. The blow was actually my dad's health. He got this spinal cord herniation issue on his thoracic area, T9-10 to be precise, and it had caused him significant difficulty in walking. The problem had started since mid 2011, so it's been going on for about half a year by the time I was back in Jakarta. Since then, the disease had gotten worse and the progress was nowhere near a smile on his face.

Hermès Le Carré Photos Collection

Just trying to gather these exquisite pieces of handcrafted art. Hermes really does an excellent job in marketing their scarf line through amazing campaigns, and various other beautiful shots of the Carré.

You can see the most recent Spring/Summer 2012 campaign ads here.


March 22, 2012

Chloé Susan Boots: Studded Perfection

Remember the buzz? This Pre-Fall 2008 Chloé studded ankle boots have created a hype among the fashion community years ago, and now it's back! The French brand announced that they will relaunch the popular boots in their upcoming cruise collection. 

Since its initial release, the ankle boots with its extravagant appearance has steadily grown its fame and became a must-have for many fashionista (Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth wear them on a regular basis). It was released in an array of colours such as red, white, green, and black. I love the black boots the most! I think gold on black provides the best contrast that brings the gold tone alive.

March 21, 2012

YSL Campaign Video Through Seasons: 2011-2012

These are the campaign videos of YSL: Spring/Summer 2012 and Fall/Winter 2011. What do you think of them? I really like the newest ads! I think they make it so interesting by making her looks like a doll mannequin. The poses are frozen, natural movements are limited, and facial expression is restricted.

The video was shot by David Sims with creative director Stefano Pilati, featuring model Mariacarla Boscono.

March 19, 2012

Love Never Dies Ruins My Raoul

The drop dead gorgeous prince charming is completely ruined in the sequel, Love Never Dies. I...don't know what to say.

I'm not amused by how the story evolves to be a typical modern soap opera show. Guy A loves girl but girl loves Guy B and Guy B loves her back, so Guy A is brokenhearted and Guy B and girl get married and have a son. 10 years after, Guy A still loves the girl, and Guy B turns out to be a jerk of a husband who was heavily burdened with financial debt. Guy A still tries to win the girl and the girl gives in. And you know what? Guy A finds out that the son is actually HIS SON. So the girl is finally torn between two choices, save the withering marriage with Guy B, or have an affair with Guy A and leave her husband behind.

Guy A is phantom, Guy B is Raoul, and the girl is Christine, the femme fatale that's being fought by these two guys.

Alannah Hill Fall/Winter 2012: Bewitched in The Wonderland

Still in a very Aussie mood. Here's the Fall/Winter 2012 campaign for Alannah Hill that I found on the internet. Or saying it the Aussie way, Autumn/Winter 2012.

When I first stumbled across these pictures on the net, my instantaneous thought was Alice! These amazing shots really remind me of Alice in The Wonderland, mostly due to its dark ambience and the castle-like garden. Maybe not the Alice herself, but this campaign describes exactly what I picture a character in that story tale will come off. Overly voluminous ginger hair with exaggerated facial expression, slightly mad and extravagantly dressed witches.

"Each picture exudes a sort of make-believe, magic-esque charm which makes me want to don a fancy frock, bedecked with lace and bows and traipse around a forest," said a fashion forward blogger Pretty Romeo. I can't agree any further.

And by the way, I really adore this tri-coloured dress and her red stocking! Which one's your favourite?

March 18, 2012

Happy Graduation 2012! UNSW, Sydney

Happy graduation to me!

At last. Graduated.


You can't imagine how happy I am to finally end this university life. Being a student is fun, it has its own perks and thrills, but 4 years there is more than enough. Most of my friends completed their study in 3 years while I had to wait for another year to enjoy this liberty. I had to take an additional year since I did a double degree in Actuarial studies and Psychology.

March 17, 2012

Alannah Hill: Coquettishly Cute Australian

She was born in Tasmania, 1963, to a Catholic family living in a small coastal town of Penguin (such a cute name). The family earned an average income by selling old fashioned milk bar, pies and cream buns. "There were lots of mixed lollies, but not a sequin in sight," said Alannah.

She bravely announced to her family that she wanted to move to Melbourne, and left the town with only $30 cash and her mother's wedding ring. And her six suitcases full of costumes, of course. First job in the big city for her was a waitressing job at a cafe. Ms Hill loves to dress up. She really does. Her unique and ornamental appearance was something really apparent, and soon after, a boutique owner from across the street started to notice her. There goes her journey in the fashion industry.

March 16, 2012

Enchanted: A Prince Comes True

I've realised how much I enjoy dreamy songs like this recently. Songs with beautiful lyric and tender melody, specially those with plenty of acoustic properties (solo piano, orchestra, etc). They unexplainably stir my heart, way more than other mainstream genres.

One of these days, I really wish I can create a song like this. A song that speaks and reaches out to people's hearts. A song that narrates a story, which lyric unfolds the tale bits by bits. A song that's able to occupy the mind of the listeners due to its weight, and its relevance in multitudes of life events. A song that's able to stand the test of time. A timeless piece of art. I really hope I'm able to.

I'm such a dreamer. But yeah, Disney is all about dreaming. And I believe there's always that little part in every girl's heart reserved specially for Disney.

Enjoy the music!

So Close - John McLaughlin

March 15, 2012

L'Odyssée de Cartier: 165 Years of History

Such a dreamy, perfectly crafted piece of art. Tres magnifique!

The panther, the desert, the snowy hills, the castle, the mansion and all the jewels etc everything is so exquisite. Such a beautiful creation and visually stunning. If I've never previously heard of Cartier I'll definitely think this is some fable movie trailer. Seriously.

This film premiered in 15 major cities this March, including Paris, NYC, Milan, Beijing, Seoul, Dubai, and Hong Kong. From the beginning, our sight follow a panther, Cartier's icon since 1914, on a journey across the world as it relives the history behind each of the brand's signature pieces and the three founding Cartier brothers: Pierre, Louis, and Jacques.

March 14, 2012

Marie Claire April 2012 with The Queen Bee: Leighton Meester

The star of Marie Claire's US April edition: Leighton Meester. I really adore her role in Gossip Girl, not for the character's personality but for the style. She always looks sooooo good and fresh, and that pretty princess preppy look is irresistible! I love the bows, ribbons, laces, colourful hosieries, tweed jackets and everything else she wore on the screen. I love preppy chic!

Her cover shoots, however, is quite disappointing. Some of her magazine shoots tend to be predictable and classic, but not in a good way. She looks pretty, that's for sure, but that's about it. The pictures don't really leave a strong presence in my mind and they don't speak much about her personality. Not memorable at all.

March 13, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Shoes Craze: Tribtoo & Opyum over Tribute

A brand popular not only for its ready-to-wear and handbags and perfumes and jewelleries and cosmetics, its shoes line has also attracted thousands (or millions) of devoted fans across the globe. Yes, Yves Saint Laurent is that revered.

Browsing around on YSL, I read about a Tribtoo review in a forum but I was particularly drawn to this point-toe heels. I've known Tribtoo for so long, but never really paid any attention to YSL's other types. Which colour do you think is better? The dark or lighter shade?

March 12, 2012

Miranda Kerr in NYC: David Jones Fall/Winter 2012 Collections

She's so pretty! God I can't imagine any creation more beautiful than her. Her smile is as sweet as an angel's and I seriously think she is one, or she can be one, at least.

This behind the scene video was shot in NYC for a television campaign in Australia. Miranda Kerr and Samantha Harris showcased some of the best and most celebrated Australian designers and brands from David Jones. Some names are Easton Pearson, Carla Zampatti, Lisa Ho, Zimmermann, Witchery (of course), Veronika Maine, Saba, and David Lawrence. That's pretty much almost everything these beautiful ladies wore in the ad.

March 11, 2012

Charlotte Olympia at NAP and All The Gold Spiders

She was a graduate from London's famous Cordwainers in 2004, before she spent some time working at Ungaro and Giambattista Valli. In 2007, she took a leap of faith as she launched her own line of shoes under the eponymous name of Charlotte Olympia. Yes, it is her own name, Charlotte Olympia Dellal.

Her design philosophy is focused on femininity and glamour of the old times. She is inspired by the allure of classic shapes polished with the finest materials. Each shoe is individually handcrafted in Italy, and the brand is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail. Spot a Charlotte Olympia by the signature gold spider web on the sole.

March 10, 2012

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2012: Train, Porter, and A Melancholy

"You know you miss that moment, where you can take a beautiful train and have a porter carry your luggage."

"It was nostalgic. It makes me dream."

Marc Jacobs wanted it to be a train, and so be it. I'm particularly attracted to this season's handbags collection, since the Ready-to-Wear (clothes) won't find any place in my day to day fashion. Very unwearable, I may say. Suitcases, oversized doctor bags, shapes you can carry for travel that'll always look good when you're coming out of a train or a plane. They're gorgeous, aren't they?

The collection is made up of bold patterns and some interesting colour combinations, as well as crazy feathered hats (yes, Marc called them crazy). Coats and dresses are also heavily layered and decorated with beads, excessive ornaments that may seem over the top in some pieces. But they're all very lavish, very extravagant, and nearly tip the scale at hedonistic fashion.

March 9, 2012

Richemont 2012: Cartier Kingdom On Fire

Cartier is on fire!

The group's Richemont (CFR) share price increased higher than LVMH in January and February, and sales rose 24% to 2.62 billion euros in the third quarter ended Dec 21. Its revenue is also predicted to grow more than 20% in the fiscal year ending in March 2012, according to a Zurich analyst.

Cartier is a brand owned by Richemont, and it is estimated to contribute almost half of Richemont's sales and approximately 70% of gross earnings. The brand itself is also predicted to have a 25% sales increase by March, 5% higher than the group's overall increase.

March 8, 2012

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2012 RTW: Hermes, Chanel, YSL

Here are some footage of Hermes, Chanel, and YSL runways from the Fall 2012 RTW in Paris. All three brands have a wild reputation and devotees all over the globe, but each with its own distinct style and character. All three are originated in France, more specifically, the fashion capital Paris.

I won't call them sisters, no. To contrast their work of arts is similar to comparing Picasso and Michelangelo, same line of business but stark milieu difference. Whereas Chanel was established near the World War I era, 1909, YSL was founded in 1962, the free souls of Generation X. That would mean that in 2012, Chanel is aged 103 years old and YSL is only half its age, 50 years.

Hermes, on the other hand, is going on its 6th generation leadership now. The ultimate luxury fashion icon was established in 1837, somewhere between the Regency and Victorian fashion era. Hermes was initially founded to manufacture luxury horsing equipments, and the business soon found to expand to other lines of fashion.

But yeah, Hermes, Chanel, and YSL, they all have their own unique and well-defined personalities that can't be contrasted to one another. But they share identical ethos: Pioneer, groundbreaker, trendsetter. They create fashion as it is, today.

March 7, 2012

Mr Jason Won't Give Up

I happened to come across this beautiful song on a friend's Facebook timeline, and it's stuck on my head ever since. It's such a sweet melody with very artistic video, very beautiful and romantic.

This song is written and composed by Jason Mraz, and he sings it himself. I've never realized how awesome his voice is until now.

March 6, 2012

Lanvin Fall/Winter 2012 RTW: Peplum, Jewels, and Hourglass

The great Alber Elbaz is really standing there for nothing. The show was truly amazing, from the beginning till the end (so I heard) waves of models glided through the runway with outstanding pieces that steal your breath away. Suave and tailored, the voluminous skirt sculpted the body in such a way that the matchstick-thin ladies appear curved. I don't intend to be rude, but I have quite an itch (or a big one) with anorexic figure. I think they look depraved and pitiful. Sorry but I can't help it :(

The collection puts higher emphasis on the shoulder and waist-hip area. Solid colours such as violet, chrome yellow, red, bottle green can be seen. I think hourglass silhouette is making a come back. I'll look it up later with Uncle Google.

Last Saturday,  I went to this cool place Social House at Grand Indonesia with a couple of my close friends. One of them was wearing a pink peplum top that I think is extremely gorgeous on her! She has quite a petite body, and the silhouette really suits her figure.

Well, we had a lovely dinner and wonderfully "deep" conversation. It was such a great night!

March 5, 2012

14 Shades of Chloe Paraty This Spring/Summer 2012

It's really hard to decide which colour is the best. I've been eye-ing this bag since last year, mainly on the basics like taupe (such adorable shade!), tan, cinnamon, or light tan. New colours are always seen in every season, but the one I'm attracted to the most is the basic, specially the brown family.

Paraty comes in three different sizes: Small, medium, large. The material is from calf leather, with a smooth, buttery texture (except the python ones), and twill lining. The bag is a classic, ornamented with gold hardware and a cute detachable strap. It can be suited for both a casual day out and dressy outfit, so it's safe.

March 3, 2012

Hot Pink Blazer and Red Chanel GST

This is exactly what I'm wearing today, Saturday noon blogging alone at Opus Cafe, Plaza Indonesia. ALONE. Does it sound sad to you? Lol.

Well, initially I was accompanied by my photographer friend, a professional who slept through his night yesterday and forgot to edit his works. So we both brought our laptop here, me doing my blog and him doing his picture-editing stuffs. But he got another plan on the evening so he had to leave first, while I'm still here trying to finish my work to-do list.

I'm starting to catch this habit of asking friends to take pictures of my outfit wherever I go. Wasn't into self-portrait taking before, but blogging really does change people's personality. So here's some pictures of me, today. Blazer is Zara and I really love the shade. It's hot pink but it's as sweet as you can ever get from a cotton blazer. Semi-formal, perfect for every occasion. Pair it with a little black dress and black suede heels, you can never go wrong with this outfit.

Victoria Beckham Fall/Winter 2012 RTW: Professionalism Meets Grace

It's a world of collar, stripes, and knee-high socks. A bit on the sporty edge, it appears that her husband and sons' influence is huge in her design. The collection, as always, is so Posh.

The central theme is never sporty, though. We can see models overflowing the catwalk with smart looking, superfitted dresses, and I mean SUPER. I think only Posh can manage to wear these dresses at her age, add to that being a mother with three kids.

Colours are mostly on the basics: Khaki, deep navy blue, and black. Only few pieces are in red and cobalt blue. Overall, everything looks poised, tastefully done and wearable. The only thing that is a bit off for me is the socks, ribbed, and paired with chunky ankle boots. That's just so not me, even if it's Louboutin.

March 2, 2012

Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter 2012: Spotlight on The Exotics

Here's some pictures of Bottega's Fall/Winter collection I gathered from the runway preview. Colours are mainly on the dark edge, with slight variation of deep orange-tan and purple tones. There's an ivory oversized clutch with intrecciato style on the edge which I really love. It comes in a turquoise shade as well, and I adore them both equally.

As for the rest, I can't really say much about them. I've only recently started to love Bottega handbags ever since I saw the bright, colour splash on their various clutches. Intrecciato is cool, but colour is what attracts me the most. And that's why this winter collection doesn't look appealing at all to me.