February 15, 2012

Vogue Australia March 2012 Editorial with Karlie Kloss

The March cover of Vogue Australia, featuring Karlie Kloss. Her popularity is rising up really fast now. She also covers the Vogue UK March edition, you can compare the arts here.

This Alexander McQueen's pinkish silk chiffon dress officially makes me a fan! A huge one. Look at that hand ornament. Adorned with rose gold, it makes me imagining about a princess-y allure in a distant kingdom. A true beauty.

I don't enjoy seeing the dark blue background on the shoots, even when they play around with the shades to create an illusion of a two-toned space. I think it's overtly simplistic and somehow it doesn't bring out the real beauty of these outfits. And I don't enjoy seeing Karlie's blood-red lip and blush shade. I beg your pardon, this editorial is so at odds with Vogue UK's that also features Ms Kloss on its March edition.

Photographs by Kai Z Feng.

Images courtesy of Vogue Australia