February 14, 2012

Sweetest Valentine's Treats: Handbags/Shoes Chocolate and Ladurée Macarons

Guess what? I don't really love chocolates. Honestly, I eat them only when I feel my sugar level needs some perk-up or when I don't want to fall asleep while working/studying after lunch. I'm not really a big fan of chocolates until I saw these stuffs online. Never saw the real one before!

Seems like to me Valentine's day is the only day where I can splurge on sweets as much as I can, without having that guilty feeling after the sweets are all gone. No need to fear the calories, the sugars, the fats, pimples, weight etc. I know I'm not the only lady who has the magical ability to come up with all these concerns out of a tiny piece of chocolate bar, so it's okay.

Not saying that giving away chocolates is pointless, since I myself love to give them to friends (make them fat). I remember back in my highschool days I would stay until late at night, together with sisters, making and decorating our self-attempted-beautification of our homemade chocolate pieces. We would wrap those babies one by one and argue on how many pieces each person can bring. It was such a great memory. 

Maybe it'll be more accurate to say that I don't really love chocolate for its taste per se, but I really love it as a way to channel my fondness and affection to people that I give the chocolate to. It's like a nicer and more effortful way to say: "Thanks for being around, you got my chocolate!"

It's only once a year, afterall. Special day should be celebrated in a special way! This year I come unprepared for Valentine, but next year will definitely post things much earlier to anticipate the V-day, which involves preparing my kitchen to make a lot of yummy homemade chocolate cookies, or asking my friends to get me all these really cute sweets.

Chocorico. Chocolate shoes and handbags
$100 approximately

Coco Andre Chocolatier. Custom mold ring and shoes chocolates

Laduree. Assorted macarons in 50th Anniversay box.

I really adore confectionary industry. Guess it'll require so much creativity and passion to be able to create all those shapes and designs while still focusing on the quality taste-wise. I particularly love sweets in beautiful packaging box, ornamented and adorned with ribbons here, glitters there. Bit of this, bit of that. I do judge a sweetbox by its cover.

Happy Valentine's Day!