February 17, 2012

Red-White Céline Nail Arts Means I Want!

Found this talented nail artist's blog while I was having fun with Uncle Google on Céline related stuffs. Her blog's link is here.

She got her inspiration from Phoebe Philo RTW designs on her Spring collection. It's straightforwardly white and red, combining the two simple tones into something chic, modern, and classy at the same time. I really love the colour contrast and different play on the geometrical side. Phoebe is absolutely a genius, Céline is so lucky to have her.

I love how Ms Elizabeth (the nail artist) creatively combines a variety of lines and shapes and successfully manages to create something this chic on the nails. Her work is so clean and precise. My tiny brain previously would only imagine having white-red in French manicure, nothing like this. 

The finished art. All nails look oh-so-chic and yummy!

Are you a fan? I am!

Images courtesy of moveSlightly, Vogue