February 16, 2012

Plaza Indonesia or Grand Indo?

Was out with my sister couple of weeks ago to Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. It's one of the oldest, most popular, and most expensive mall in Jakarta, standing strong from March 1990 until today. I've been going there quite often these days, since I think what many new malls have is an extremely confusing store direction and arrangement.

I'm a bit embarassed to say that even up to this day I still get lost easily in Grand Indonesia, another huge shopping centre that's located just opposite of PI. The place is awesome, to be honest, cause they offer varying level of entertainment to people coming from a diverse background and lifestyle. But somehow the building alignment just don't get into me, and I can sympathize more easily with people who have "weaker" spatial ability to memorize places (like me). We'll talk about Grand Indonesia later.

Louis Vuitton store in Plaza Indonesia

Plaza Indonesia itself is owned by Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk. (name is pretty self explanatory), a business specialized in property development at one of Jakarta's most prestigious location (the heart of our CBD area). The company currently owns Grand Hyatt Hotel, Plaza Indonesia Shopping Center, The Plaza (office tower), Keraton at The Plaza, Plaza Indonesia Entertainment X'nter (eX), and fY Lifestyle X'nter (fX). We'll also talk about this company on a deeper level later.

Moving on, I went there straight from the office and that can probably explain my long-sleeve silk shirt with cropped cotton pants. The shirt is really poise with its lace-embroided collar and the salem shade, and even more, it perfectly matches my most favourite bag! I'm really into pastel/nude tones lately, and my office look's pretty much like this on a daily basis.

No heels, no, not yet. Will do later on.

Sourced from Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk.


  1. Plaza Indonesia is partially owned by Sinar Mas, and Grand Indonesia is owned by Djarum Group

  2. So PI is owned partially by Sinar Mas n Plaza Indonesia Realty? Oo