February 21, 2012

Pastel Trend from Fashion Week Spring 2012

I really enjoy how everything turns out for pastel. As you can probably realize, I'm such a huge fan of pastel-ly shades on clothes bags heels bracelets etc. Bright neon colour's definitely not my thing. Wearing an amazingly glaring neon green dress won't really align my appearance with my personality.

It looks good on some people, I think it really does. Some people have a more vivid, livelier character that suits "neon trend" so much. They can be like those bubbly type of girls that we all always keep as our dear friends and remembered for their loud laughs, their-15-centimetres-wide-smile, or even their rainbow-coloured shoes rack.

Pastel means lots (and lots) of light, airy colours like yellows and creamy neutrals. It's a parade of pretty tints, something that reminds you of that sweet, reserved girl across the road with her preference for silk and laces to leathery stuffs. Feminine, graceful, poised but not the mumsy-type of elegant look. Style it with a pretty braid and hair updo, and it's just perfect.

I'd really love to express my gratitude for Spring's fashion week and all major label designers involved in it. Thank you so much for making pastel tone happening this season. Thank you!

Images courtesy of Elle