February 12, 2012

My Dream Private Apartment? Louis Vuitton Maison London, Bond St

Was doing my usual "market research" online and decided to write something about Louis Vuitton Maison. This luxury brand is particularly famous for their flagship showcases and stores. I don't know how many Maisons are out there but it's at least one in every country, or even one for each state in US.

The New Bond Street's Maison is officially regarded as LV's most luxurious store. It was officially opened in May 2010, with an impressive store concept that mimics its original Parisian store, as well as an impressive cost of over 30 million pounds. The style is the same old LV vibe: Luxurious, elegant, timeless with a touch of contemporary artwork. The theme is that of a private apartment where only few lucky invited guests can come in and bathe their eyes in the luxury goodies.

Maison London is so beautifully furnished, adorned with an incredible selection of original art by Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami, Michael Landy, Jeff Koons, Billie Achilleos, and some more. The rooms are tastefully decorated with pieces like paintings, sculptures, and installations on showcase. They even place secret-hidden-wardrobe in some of the rooms.

There are three lounging areas and guests can pick their own personal stylists. They also provide private meeting rooms and dressing rooms for one-on-one consultations.

Those lucky fashion editors at Nor magazine are invited to the preview of Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Here is a picture of the bag samples.

Also, the most beautiful dress made of ostrich leather. This beauty was worn first by Kate Moss on the runway. It looks super soft and springy and the detail is amazing. It is a pre-order item and will be tailored exactly to your measurements.

The dressing room.

The Maison has a stunning, grand, gorgeous feel to it. LVMH do play it well. See my previous post on Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 collection here.

Images courtesy of NorMagazine, Wallpaper