February 20, 2012

McQueen in The Panda Land

Alexander McQueen is targeting Chinese customer!

Ever since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 that tremendously hit the western economy, businesses and wealthy investors have shifted their interest from the old player Uncle Sam to the redback Yuan producer: China. Even the Chinese are seen migrating back to the mainland.

But the wave isn't only limited to the financial world. Major European designers are flocking to China, and it's really interesting to see how they make all these strategies to attract and charm the Chinese higher-end consumer market. First we saw Fendi who did their best at the Great Wall of China, then Chanel's show at the river. Now, a love affair between Alexander McQueen and Beijing.

Chinese consumer market is rising up in a speed of light. That's more than enough reason to appease their sights. They will definitely love these gorgeous haute pieces by Sarah Burton.