February 26, 2012

Leather Shoes Care 101: Tips and Advices

Finding the perfect shoes is never easy. But even after you found one, taking care of them is never easy.

Okay I know that the picture looks like it's not leather shoes, but the fixed insole is made of leather right. So the above Swarovski heels is still related to this post.

Here are some tips and suggestions I've gathered from several experienced people, in real life as well as advices from many shoepert bloggers. Do let me know if you have any other suggestion, since I'm not an expert at all and is still such a baby in leather shoes care. 

Basic shoes leather care tips:
- Never use your new pair of shoes for many consecutive hours. You can begin to wear the shoes all day once your feet have completely adjusted to the fit.

- Never wear the same pair of new shoes two days in a row. Let them rest for at least a day before wearing them again.

- Try and practice using a shoehorn.

- Make a habit of inserting shoetrees or anything that can keep the shoes' shape in good condition, such as moulded paper.

- When shoes are wet from the rain, rest the shoes on their sides. Insert the made-to-measure shoetrees and leave to dry for an entire day. Don't rest the shoes on the soles.

- Try to clean and polish your leather shoes regularly. You can do it even when they still look shiny, just as a precautionary measure. Get a horse hair brush to buff the shoes, and chamois to do the final polish.

- Pick your shoe polish's colour wisely. The rule of thumb is to use a colour lighter than the actual shoes' colour. It's safe to use neutral polish on brown shoes or black polish on blacks. But if you use a colour that is too far from the original shoes' colour then chances are, over time, your shoes will change their colour.

- Try to use the sole edge dressing to coat the soles and heels.

- In case of planning not to wear your shoes for some period of time, coat them with a thin layer of leather polish and place them in the provided cloth bag.

I know some people actually buy things only for the brand's popularity or fame. But in my own principle, there are many other important considerations that we have to think about before purchasing any fashion item, specially accessories. This segment will include handbags, shoes, and jewelleries. I can never imagine having $10,000 in my wallet and spending them all in fashion goodies, no matter how incredibly attractive they may look like.

Even if I'm going to buy one, it'll be because I've thoroughly considered the whys and why-nots. My personal checklist will involve questions like: Why this brand? Why this colour? What's the quality? And the most critical question will be: Do I need it?

If the answer is no, chances are 90% of the time there'll be no transaction whatsoever. If it's a yes, then I'll definitely get one, although I'm quite a leisure-shopper type of girl. I'll particularly shy away from getting a stuff after 10 minutes of our first encounter. Being told to hurry my shopping-decision-making also doesn't register at all to my brain. I'd rather take it slowly, in a comfortable and relaxed manner. Just like finding a perfect partner for life, shoe-shopping is finding a perfect partner for your precious feet.

Next target is definitely something Varina. Gorgeous colours, adorable ribbons, wearable quality material, reasonable price. What else do you need?

No splurge, no. Real fashionista is a wise shopper, no?

Sourced from luxuryhaven, nushoes. Images from various sources.