February 23, 2012

DKNY Fashion Publicist: Everyday is A Fashion Moment

This is a video of how a fashion publicist's life is really full of so many THINGS to do. Life is extremely busy and hectic. She constantly needs to be on-the-go and drinks coffee like an elephant does. Her job has an extreme amount of people exposure, where everything that she does, every single thing, is actually about people management.

How to organize the runway schedules, how to ensure celebrities and models satisfaction in the shows, how to arrange the media advertising on the events, how to pick the best photographer out of that zillion options. And she even has to determine the guests seating arrangement! That's what she called "the ultimate fashion board game. She's funny. Basically it's about how to make sure everything falls into perfect pieces, and nothing goes wrong on the day.

Three shows in a fashion week: DKNY men event, DKNY show, Donna Karan show. Cool!

"Being fashionably late, isn't really fashionable."

I wish every Indonesian is able to have this mindset. I'm not really fond of people who keep coming late to events, say, 1-2 hours late. I won't show my annoyance but I'll keep in mind how late that person can be, and try to be much smarter in meeting up with him/her the next time.

I really love her! I think it's such an amazing experience to be able to find a job that you love doing, to do something that lights up your passion that much, so regardless of how busy you are you'll always enjoy life! Imagine, we spend nearly two-thirds of our days in the office doing whatever things we're assigned to do, preparing to go to work, coming back home, taking some rest from the stressful job, etc. Two-thirds. Say we spend on average 14 hours a day for all those, that will translate into 5,110 hours a year, and 153,300 hours in 30 years of our prime time in career.

Imagine, doing something that don't attract your interest at all, a work that doesn't make you perform the best that you can, something that doesn't require the best of your strengths or even worse, a job that put all your weaknesses right under the spotlight. Imagine that.

"Working on this event is such an adrenaline rush. No matter how many times you complain that you're tired, or you can't do another show, or you can't send another email, you always do it! And really, what you realise is that you love doing it."

This DKNY PR lady is really lucky, and brave, at the same time. She handles all those frustrations professionally, manages her time responsibly, and she dares to profess her love on what she's doing. How cool is that? Do you love her too?

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