February 19, 2012

Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 RTW: A Surrealist and Seductive Rendezvous

We love her not only for her funny personality and her charming laughs, we love her for reasons way beyond that. Diane von Furstenberg, or DvF, is a world-class designer whose line reflects her real life characters that we all love: A strong, independent business woman, with a principle of never forgetting how to dress attractively within the realm of professional fashion envoy (for her own clothing line).

"With this collection we wanted to work around the body in a different way, and play with wrapping fabrics about the body," said the DvF creative director Yvan Mispelaere. Some of them are provocative, but still maintain the classy seduction ambience, nothing like a Kardashian-over-the-top definition of sexy.

"What is the difference between a rendezvous and a meeting?" asked Diane to Vogue journalist, at the preview for her new collection. She gave Vogue no explicit answer for that particular question, but we can readily see the answer throughout the runway session. She invites us to reexamine the art of seduction.

Easy on the shoulder, neat shapes and draperies, are some keypoints for this season's collection, be it casual or the evenings. Pencil skirts are tightly wrapped around the hips, while jumpsuits are lighter on the leg. 

The prints are intriguing yet is so DvF. Colours lay mainly on the black side, with some deep red seen on several pieces and few neon green, turqoise, and maroon.


Pair it with a voluminous coat, and we have the perfect kind of silhouette wrapped on our body. "That way a woman can reveal herself slowly," said Yvan.

Isn't this runway amazing? I don't normally adore catwalk models for their matchstick-thin figures, but honestly, from the bottom of my heart I'll say the models all looks stunningly beautiful!

One really creative way to perk up a little black dress: Two-toned long leather gloves, black-white contrast. Amazing!

Just a black leather gloves is fine too.

And the best evening gown ever. Look at how fluid the gown is and I can already imagine the texture and how it feels on the skin. I really love how it reflects the light and the shade seems to be that of a night sky with millions of stars. Starry, starry night.

Think of "... a girl who has a beautiful, beautiful dress, with a big coat on top. She goes to meet someone, and she pulls off the coat."

There ya go! Sexy!

Images courtesy of Vogue