February 27, 2012

Colour-blocking, Chanel GST or Prada Saffiano Tote?

Which one do you think suit my outfit better?

At that time, I was only thinking of having some colours in my cheerful daytime. Didn't realise it would turn out to be a "colour-block syndrome". My friend told me that I had merged all four basic colours altogether at once, but she said it was okay, so it's okay.

Well, I love contrasts, I love colours, what else can I do?

Colour-blocking has been quite a trend lately in Sydney for spring/summer 2012. Rule of thumb is always floral pattern for sunshiny days, but the beauties on the street are all seen in contrasts, bold colours, and really bright accessories. No monochromatic tone, no suede, no leather boots (obviously).

Oh how I miss living in a four-seasons country. Here in Jakarta, there are only two things you can get: Warm, humid weather or air-con breeze. Your choice.


  1. love the left one with the red bag, blue and red rocks!