February 22, 2012

Coco Rocha for Longchamp Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign: Dancing in The Streets

This Canadian model was born in 10 September, 1988. That'd give her a 24 years old age tag now. She began her professional career in the modelling industry officially in the 2004, a time when she was only 16 years old. It's hardly surprising since many models in the industry also kickstart their careers early. Some starts with a children beauty pageant, or even entering baby commercials (for those with a more ambitious parent).

The shot was taken by Dane Shitagi, and the dog's name is Liisa Winkler. The photoshoot gives off the ambience of a 1950s fashion photography, where the pair Rocha hits the streets of Manhattan, strolling the street together with her dog, peering through telescopes, and dancing joyfully. Do you think she's a cute dog? I have a mini pomeranian at home, she was so fat and can't really pose for the camera. I wonder why.

I really adore Rocha's stylist. She looks so chic and sophisticated here, without being too dressy over the top. Not wanting to be too matchy-matchy, but I love how her red patent wedges complement her leather skirt so well. And the blouse! Don't know about the texture, but the print and colour combo is absolutely gorgeous! This is something I'd definitely love to wear for a fun casual day out. As for the bag, it's okay. Never been a huge part of Longchamp before but this one is okay.

Rocha was scouted by a modelling agency when she was auditioning for a dance competition. This can probably be the best explanation for her beautiful pose in every picture. She looks really flexible doesn't she? The first moment I saw the above shoot I've started to wonder if Rocha is a ballerina. Her pose looks really natural, it's good, but the most important point is: She has the charisma.

Was she a ballerina? Or contemporary dance?

One thing I like best about her, Ms Rocha is one of the few models who really speaks out against the widespread presence of eating disorders, specially in her work industry. She spoke out on her blog about the pressure the fashion industry puts on young models: "How can any person justify an aesthetic that reduces a woman or child to an emaciated skeleton? Is it art? Surely fashion's aesthetic should enhance and beautify the human form, not destroy it." This statement was also published in an open letter to the New York Times, and that really shows something about her. That she's not just any shallow, short-minded beauty who's oblivious to her own physique and to the world.

Another thing I love about Rocha? Her long legs! Dream on baby..

Images courtesy of fashiongonerogue, thingsilike, zimbio