February 8, 2012

Céline's 2011 Beauty, 2012 Must Have: Grey Orange Phantom

There's a beauty in width.

I know that doesn't apply to girls in general (specially on our waist size) but it's so true in this particular Céline Fall 2011 bag. It's that infamous drooling smiley bag. The phantom bag.

Cost approximately USD3,000

I really love this particular grey shade, since it's a neutral colour that doesn't look boring at all, unlike black. I usually don't prefer black on any of my clothing item or accessory until I'm seriously desperate on choosing what to wear, you know, those moments where nothing you wear seem right for the occasion. These days I stroll around white-beige-tan shades a lot more often in daytime, and so I daydream of strolling around the street with this beauty even more.

The size is a wider expansion of the famous Céline luggage tote. Zipped up, the shape will be closer to the initial luggage tote. The calf leather is buttery soft and supple, and I'm afraid to say that just like any other Céline tote this bag will become very slouchy and lose its original physique. It's still a very attractive bag nonetheless.

The orange lining makes it the must have bag of the season (neon trend alert). What eyes can resist such a beauty?

Can I use not having a grey bag as an excuse?

Images courtesy of PurseBlog, spottedfashion and various other sources