February 25, 2012

Bally Made Her Come Back: Pre-Fall 2011

Okay I know this is like a year late, but I love this collection so much, I've decided to post it here for the world's sake. 2011 is like the coming-back year of Bally, with their newly appointed creative directors Michael Herz and Graeme Fidler (worked in British label Aquascutum). The brand needs an extremely high amount of fresh creative energy to lift up their brand's popularity and image. Being dropped off the fashion radar certainly isn't great news, is it?

World's hottest models were used in this show. Plus the new directors, re-establishing the Bally-ish feel of the collection sounds like a viable direction in the near future. Napa aviator jackets and city skirts filled the runway. Clean-cut and classic pairs of blouse and pencil skirt were plenty, accessorized with slim leather belt on the waist and knee-high leather boots. Sexy!

Silk cashmere blouse, woolen blue city shorts. What more can I ask?

"We emphasized Bally's heritage as a leather house," says Herz.

I don't like this piece here. Just doesn't look right, slim-line belt on her waist with all that volume and "heaviness". I also can't appreciate the long leather boots paired with this thick coat. Maybe it's just me.

Effortless, ladylike luxury. Bally.

Oh, and by the way, I really love the yellow mustard trench coat. The point-toe heels just make it perfect.

Images courtesy of Vogue