February 24, 2012

Alberta Ferretti Fall 2012 RTW: Awefully Amazing Romance

One word to describe it all: AMAZING.

It's a fresh leather meets lace show, leaping back and forth from the '60s femininity and this modern day's edge. Strong-shouldered jackets and separates are the highlight of the collection too, showing up thigh-length and belted at the waist.

There are some dresses that speak oh-so-Ferreti. You know those keywords: romantic, floaty, and that slightly vintage-y feeling. Cocktail dresses are also plentiful. Beads, fringe, lace, sheers, Ferretti use all these to embellish almost all of her pieces. Evening wears seem to be coming off from heaven.

Amazing collection of gowns and tailored coats, awefully amazing monochromatic collection which goes against all the prints we've seen coming from many major label designers.

Ferretti has always been successful in combining sensuality and elegance, that's her home field. Detailed handwork, thorough embroidery, small pieces that subtly beautify the picture as a whole, are the things that describe her works best.

"I'm projecting my woman into the future," said Ms Ferretti. "The world is very hard at the moment, and a woman needs to be strong, because she has an important role to play in society." Well said!

Pay attention to her subtle point of reference toward sexy ladies, cleverly shown by the way a masculine exterior cocooned a feminine interior. The idea of a woman fully enclosed with her clothing items may sound counter-intuitive on our understanding of sexy, since, shouldn't we all know that sexy goes the same path as revealing?

Then, imagine the way a lady shows up in a party, enveloped with a tailored coat, long-sleeved. She picks her seat and casually chats to a stranger guy that approaches her. The waiter comes to serve them both, takes her coat off only to reveal a delicately feathered skirt underneath and that heavenly figure. Sexy much?

Okay, I've never been a huge fan of purple hues (except lavender), and those two lovely winter coats and maxi dresses somehow just don't look that attractive to me. The last gown is absolutely amazing, though. It'll definitely look irresistible in black.

So which one is your most favourite piece? Very hard to decide right?

Images courtesy of Vogue, fashionologie, style