January 4, 2012

Which Mulberry?

I'm definitely a newcomer in terms of Mulberry. For example, I've been wanting one for quite a few months now but still haven't been able to come to a decision of which bag I should get. At first, I'm hugely attracted to the Alexa bag. I know it's been around long enough but I swear to God I only start to notice this bag on the street this past few months. Considering its first release in early 2010, I'm late by 2 years!

Then I start to look around at the nearest Mulberry boutique in my town and notice this pretty baby Bayswater. I am torn. I seriously can't decide between these two. I've only owned one crossbody bag so far and to this point, I prefer top handle over straps. But this Bayswater chic is so gorgeous..

To make matters worse, Mulberry releases a new Bayswater with straps on! I see one in Net-a-porter with a very adorable pink-fuschia colour.

Thus, I was confused and torn and am now even more unsure of which Mulberry. Speaking of which, I haven't decided on which colour as well.. Very indecisive shopper indeed.

Which Mulberry is for you?

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