January 29, 2012

Vertu: A Luxury Phone Company

In our newfound digital era, technology always presents itself with cutting-edge power and capability. Improvement is counted in days, if not seconds. Just like the popular saying: Not inching upwards means we're climbing down the ladders. All those industry experts know about this. They realise how important a revolutionary innovation is.

Nevertheless, even if new discovery is highly appreciated and valued in the industry, mainstream demand is none less important. Okay, I'm no expert on technology related thing and I just want to gather opinions on this item's class: Luxury mobile phone.

Have you ever heard of Vertu? It's a British-based company (owned by Nokia) which main business line is the production of luxury mobile phone. They boast of using the finest quality components on every single phone they design and manufacture.

Vertu Constellation

Other components that they use are ceramics, carbon fiber, alligator skin, diamonds, 18k gold (white, yellow, rose gold, platinum), sapphire, and ruby. Vertu even teams up with the London Symphony Orchestra for its sound system set!

Vertu Signature Cobra

Prices of the regular Constellation model is about USD5,500, and the most expensive one is Signature Cobra, with a tag of around $335,000. If you don't like both prices and think that one is too cheap and another is too expensive, perhaps Signature Diamond is for you. It costs around $87,000, right between those two price polars. Most of the phones are in limited editions so they're hard to come by, except for the classics.

Vertu Signature Diamond

I'd like to ask Mr Frank Nuovo, the company's chief designer, on how he's successfully combined two enormous, dynamic industries (fashion and technology) together. I've always had this question on my mind: How can you really create gadgets that are both uber smart and fashionable at the same time?

The big picture is like geek and fashion. Or fashionable nerd. Are there such things? It's just that, based on my personal observation, fashion and tech interact with each other like oil and water. Hard to mix them both and expect a good business. I think most people who are generally into fashion don't really care about the gadget's latest specs, other than its practical usage. And for most who are into the specs, they don't bother about the looks.

 Vertu Signature Diamond

There are many other tech companies who have collaborated with luxury fashion brands such as Hermes or Prada. The way I see it, it's only a business strategy to boost the brand's value, on top of an effort to approach a broader market audience. Not for earning's sake.

Signature Kissho Collection

Even Blake Lively is loving it! She's really pretty isnt she? My dream gadget will be a Macbook Pro with tan Hermes leather and a gold keyboard. No diamond is okay.

So do you think Vertu is fashionable? Or is it a waste of diamond and other precious gems?