January 7, 2012

Top Reasons of Getting A Coated Canvas Bag

My first coated canvas bag was Louis Vuitton Hampstead in damier ebene. Named after a rich London suburban area, the bag definitely stirs the heart of many.

Back then in my early university years, I was totally oblivious to luxury handbags and I didn't know what a Louis Vuitton is. I vividly remember the first time I saw a girl carrying a damier Neverfull bag in uni. This chic chocolate version of Neverfull was released sometime in 2008, in my second year of uni. I immediately took notice of the lady and stalked her for some thrilling couple of minutes until a sudden realisation hits me. I nearly stared my eyes out at her (and her bag), I am madly in love with damier, and I want one of those!

The Neverfull comes in three different versions. The eldest brother Monogram, second bro Damier ebene, and the little bro Damier azure. I love azure!

Even till now, I still haven't got a Neverfull parading in my cabinet.

1. Way waaaaaay too many people are using it. It probably seconds the classic speedy in terms of popularity. I tend to shy away from "majority" bags.
2. Although the price is very reasonable for a bag from Louis Vuitton, in 2008 it's still priced at a $700 tag, a sum I can never ever justify to spend on a bag (at that time).
3. My mom won't get it for me, my bf won't. Who will?

And thus I was left hoping and dreaming and wishing that I can have one..
And there I started my romance with LV.

Somehow I got a Hampstead instead, in ebene. Was confused between ebene and azure before, but I'm really grateful I picked mine in ebene. My other bag in the beautiful white azure has already shown severe patina which I don't really adore.

So why a coated canvas?

First and foremost, it is amazingly, exceptionally, incredibly easy to maintain! There's no need to condition the bag with any product whatsoever. Don't worry about the hassle. No scratch, no watermark, no unwanted discolouration, etc you name it. Coated canvas bags are really durable and resilient. I use my Hampstead on a daily basis and whenever my hands are full, I can just put the bag on the floor without being a worrywart. In rainy days, I can peacefully carry the bag out of the car and just let the raindrops glide on it. Afterward I can just freely wipe it off, and the bag'll look as good as before. Easy!

Secondly, they keep their shape over the years. If you're a structured bag lover like me, you'll love how your bag still appears the same after 10 years, how it looks as good as brand new (despite normal wear and tear). My Hampstead baby is aged more than 3 years old now, and it looks as if I got it only yesterday. No joking.

The last reason will be purely caused by taste! I love the feel of the coated canvas. I know some people prefer real over this "fake" leather bag -coated canvas or patent leather- because the "fake" one doesn't age at all or they just hate the texture. I'm not a very anal in this area so coated canvas will do me as well as real leather.

I like what I have. And till now, LV delivers.

Do you like coated canvas bags? Do you think they're worth the prize? Share your opinions with me!