January 26, 2012

Stella McCartney and Her Clutch

It's a fact that Stella McCartney produces gorgeous, unique, one of a kind clutches. It's also a fact that she is very particular in choosing the materials she will use on her bags. She opposes the use of animal products in fashion, and thus, no leather material goes into any of her creations. I personally say that her fashion ethic may worth the applause, since it's so rare nowadays to find world class designers that actually care about how they're impacting the world with their actions. For this, I really admire her conviction.

The business side, on the other hand, is quite doubtful. Correct me if I'm wrong. Her strong anti-leather ethic means all her bags are made of PVC material. Just like those bags I can find on any average shopping centre, only with a different size of price tag, and design, of course. McCartney's range from $1000-$2000. Take a look at some of the examples.

Stella McCartney. Embroidered sequin clutch

Stella McCartney. Gem-embellished clutch

Stella McCartney. Wooden accordion clutch

I admit that some of her clutches come with outstanding designs, and the creativity put into those items is unparalleled to others. But this yellow faux python clutch costs about $2000, a price that I think can't be justified only by the brand's name.

Stella McCartney. Ava faux python clutch

This round clutch also costs about the same. $2000. I think it looks cute, but the price is just too much.

Stella McCartney. Round plexiglass box clutch

What do you think?

Images from Purseblog