January 9, 2012

Redhead Beyonce: Single Ladies Parody

Somehow I found this funny video while surfing through the inet. This video is borderline hillarious and crazy! She's so good with all the dancing and the heels and I'm left to wonder if she's previously a super dancer. It would be very hard to move around like that when you're carrying a 5kg bulk inside your tummy right? Specially with that late pregnancy stage. Wow.

Enjoy, All The Pregnant Ladies.

Check out the witty lyric.

"All the pregnant ladies, now put your feet up
Sitting in the tub, coffee in my cup, no caffeine in the thing
Pain in my hips, now you’re gonna trip, cause you can’t have sex with me
Don’t have a lap, can’t take a crap, how about water retention
My urine leaks, for 40 weeks, but you can’t be mad at me"

"If you don't like it then you shouldn't put a thing on it"

Seeing her, I start to ponder my future pregnancy period. I'm not too sure if I'm gonna wear any high heels out in party, or if I'd even look half as agile as she is. I'll have to praise her for the genius creativity. Two thumbs up.

What about you? Would you still wear your tall shoes and doll yourself up?

Video courtesy of alainekashian.