January 8, 2012

A Pastel-ly day

Here's a picture of me with my baby Prada. As mentioned in the previous post, I love this cameo shade much. It appears like a beige from far away, but closer inspection will show an off-pinkish shade, or as my friend says, dusty pink.

I used to carry shoulder bag for practicality sake and this is my first actual top-handle bag. I love how the bag looks on my arms and how the size is just right for my build (quite a petite). However.. having to walk a whole day with this bag proves to be quite a hassle, although it's not as heavy as Celine luggage tote, it's nowhere as lightweight as a Chanel. It just sits in between.

I love how the bag keeps its structure regardless of the stuffs I dump in it. I heard that later on the bag will slouch a bit more and loses its shape, but since it's saffiano, who cares! *teehee


  1. I thought Chanel bags are heavier? I want to get another one in grey ><

  2. Wow, so you're a fashion enthusiast yah ternyata :) Cool!

  3. huhuiii..... wu.. sui o.... sui tang tang... ^^

  4. yes harry, just a recent convert though :)

  5. @ya, Chanel is definitely much, much, much lighter. And my Prada tote doesnt have straps :s