January 4, 2012

First Love

After months of reading and seeing and, *cough* following people's blogs and lookbooks.. Finally!
I even stumbled on this funny article How to Become A Star Style Blogger. You should definitely read it, it's hillarious! Let's see if this blog can follow through all the steps advised by the author *wink*

The blog is inspired by my overflowing joy during Christmas season, specially from the gifts! Okay I know it's New Year already, but hey the festivity is still around. The sale is massive and it's everywhere. Now that Christmas and NY shopping is over, I have yet to make a 2012 resolution. Finding a decent working experience is in top priority. Second is saving up some more $$ by spending more $$ on quality goods. Third is increasing knowledge of.. the world, in general. And the list will keep growing.

Have you completed your NY resolution? Share it with me!