January 21, 2012

Monogram Vernis: Leather Care

Monogram Vernis, a distinguished patent leather produced by special tanning techniques which give the leather a glossy and sophisticated look (see my previous post here). The treatment also creates a finish that is scratches and abrasion resistant.

I really adore this line of Louis Vuitton but still hesitant to purchase any. It's mainly because I've heard so many complaints about the stickiness of this finish, how the edge doesn't hold well over the years, and most notoriously, the problem of colour transfer. But they're so gorgeous..

The official guideline from Louis Vuitton gives us few tips to ensure the long-term shine and beauty of our Vernis. I'll just elaborate a bit more on the instructions below, but most of them are common leather care guides. Sorry of it's a tad too long *cough*.

1. Avoid prolonged contact with any materials that may transfer colour pigments onto the leather such as magazines or other colour treated leathers. I've had a friend who actually got her white Vernis wallet stained, only because she left in on top of a magazine. There's no way she can wipe it off so there goes her beautiful, precious wallet.

2. Store the products in places with low humidity, and keep it away from direct sources of heat. That'd mean to avoid leaving your leather goods inside the car (specially with the summer heat), or choosing a bag storage location somewhere far away from the radiator, or not placing your bags directly under the spotlight in the cabinet.

3. Minimize the amount of exposure to sunlight as this speeds up the colour fading, specially for lighter shades.

4. Keep away from grease and makeup.

5. Store the goods inside the provided dust bags whenever possible. I know some people who actually keep their bags inside the original boxes due to a crowded wardrobe, or plainly because seeing the boxes stacked together is aesthetically pleasant to the eyes. These ladies can go as far as taking photos of the bags and make individual labels for the boxes. I'd definitely make my labels sometime in the future!

Luckily, nothing bad has occured to my amarante Vernis. I'd love to get a lighter shade like blanc corail (the ivory colour) so much, but is still afraid to see it dying in my own hands.

How do you protect yours? Has any tragedy ever happened to your own Vernis?

Sourced from Louis Vuitton. Images from various sources.