January 10, 2012

Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Rayures: A Sweet Valentine's Treat

Valentine's day is only a month away. What's best to celebrate this romantic day other than roses, chocolates, and bags?

Louis Vuitton joins this celebration of love by creating a new finish in their popular Monogram Vernis line. It's basically a glossy Vernis combined with stripes from the Rayures pieces. Mix them up together and, voila! We present you the Monogram Vernis Rayures collection.

The finish comes freshly striped in 2 different colour tones, the sophisticated Amarante and vibrant pomme d'amour. They really look like glazed sugarcandy bags.

I prefer the red one since the overall look ticks my heart the most. The colour combo is just right: Sweet but not tacky. The gold hardware is just right: It adds a polished look to the bag without being over the top. And the strap makes it even more perfect.

The Vernis Rayures will have Alma, Wilshire, zippy and sarah wallet, cosmetic pouch, heart shape coin pouch and luggage tag in the series. Pieces will be released in January 2012, which is about now. What's there to wait?

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton