January 13, 2012

First Makeup, When?

Few days ago, I was sitting in the car, on the way back home from one of the greatest shopping mall in Indonesia. A random question suddenly popped in my head, "Will I let my daughters wear makeups?"

I answered my head straightaway, "Of course!". Why won't I let them?

But then I started to ponder. "When?"

I questioned my sister about it. One said she'll let them have it starting from the sweet 17th party. Another said she doesn't care and doesn't feel like thinking about it right now. I continued to ask my mom and she made me realise how she used to dress us (me plus sisters) up during occasions, dating back from loooong long time ago when teletubbies are cute and we're less than 100 cm tall. At school's birthday, she would tart us up with colourful eyeshadows and pink chapsticks. How cute! Well, at the end of the day, she didn't really give me a definite answer.

Moms out there, when will you start allowing your daughter to freely experiment on facial touchups. Those of you in the younger age group, has this thought ever crossed your mind? If yes, when?

I'm still uncertain about the answer myself. Seems like there has to be a future husband first, before I can settle down for an answer. I won't fancy her to be too young or too old for a makeup study session. Will just try to strike the balance right. Hopefully.

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