January 14, 2012

Chanel Spring 2012 RTW: Lure of The Undersea

"Everything is under the sea," said Mr Lagerfeld. The set for spring 2012 RTW is rendered from the magical world of the ocean floor, but none close to our childhood favourite Disney's Mermaid. The clothes are airy and the fabrics are gleaming with the phosphorescence of plankton under moonlight.

My favourite piece. 

The collections are simply amazing. After seeing the runway video, I felt like being transported to another aquatic world full of seashells and seahorses. Karl has truly delivered his promise: "... the ground of the sea, but in a very poetic way."

Even so, I don't think some of the pieces will be of any practical usage. It is perfectly understood though, coming from Karl.

You see what I mean by being impractical? Oh well, it's Karl, he can do anything he wants.

Images courtesy of Vogue