January 25, 2012

Balenciaga Red Velo Limited Edition 2011

Met this beauty swaying on my friend's arm last week. The mood around is still very Chinese-y and the celebration is huge. Then I thought, why not post it here? 

It's a F/W 2011 limited edition purchased in Singapore. I only know a bit of Balenciaga bags so it took me quite a while to search it on the internet with Uncle Google. The result is: I think it's a Velo in coquelicot. I'm still doubtful about the colour though, since pictures of coquelicot bags posted on the internet look like bright orangy red, and it doesn't look like sang with its deep, bold red shade. This one's softer.

The leather finish is also different from the usual lambskin Bbag. The texture is even and smooth with no wrinkle. The hardware is of similar size to regular hardware, but with tiny pearly shapes instead of the normal metal. The lining also feels really feminine.

At that time, she stuffed so many things inside the bag and when I tried to carry it, it felt like I was lifting some 3-4kgs load. But she said the bag is not that heavy.

What do you think? Do you love the bag?