January 22, 2012

Asian Beauty: Amazing Makeup Change

Can't help but post this. Saw it from my friend's facebook page, reposted again from an Asian blog.

Do you know how different girls can be with and without makeup? I swear, it's no joke.

love Japanese makeup, I was seriously mad about Japs fashion 2 years ago, back in my college years. Yet somehow I'm still surprised everytime I see a before-and-after picture of pretty ladies with their touchups. Just look at these pictures!

I think they're Chinese? To be honest, I can't tell if these girls are the same person or not, they all look pretty similar to me. Nonetheless, I salute their eye makeup skills. It's truly a transformation.

Do you think it's scary?

Images from asiantown


  1. It's all the same person, according to the blog, she could transform herself into 7 different girls. Amazing ey, what eyelid glue, falsies, tons of shading and circle lenses can do :D

  2. Seriously??? She shud've opened some makeup courses online. Its crazyyy..

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